Final Continuous Professional Improvement Plan

Stacy GH Garbos

CIT609: Special Topics in Curriculum Design I

Final Continuous Professional Improvement Plan


     As earlier stated, building a strong reading foundation is an integral part of instruction if students are to succeed in academics as well as in the world we are teaching them to be a productive part of. Students with reading deficiencies or difficulties often struggle in every area of study as a result of these deficiencies. Through professional development, I hope to learn tested methods of instruction and intervention. My professional goal has been focussed on my students' reading scores and reading running record level. In an effort to improve the my curriculum instruction I will continue to pursue professional development and put a plan of action into place. 

1. I will continually attend Professional Learning Community meetings in an effort to explore better methods of instruction from peers and administration. (comprehension)

2. I will continue to and have worked with our on campus reading coach to secure professional development in small group reading instruction. (tracking)

3. I will continue to unpack the reading standards to determine possible lower-level foundational understanding that might be missing from students' understanding. With this knowledge in hand, I will work with students in a small group setting to build the missing foundation. (comprehension)

4. I will attend Literacy Fest in order to develop new methods of delivering instruction in a proven, tested, and engaging way. (comprehension)


I hope to follow this plan until the completion of this year, when I can then review students' final test scores and evaluate my progress. Upon evaluation of my progress, I hope to create a new professional improvement plan to continue my progress and meet the needs of my ever changing students.