Scenario 1 & Scenario 2

Stacy GH Garbos

CIT609: Special Topics in Curriculum Design I


Scenario 1-

Leveled literacy intervention, Reading Running Record Training, and Professional Learning Communities have all been beneficial and career changing professional developments. Through each, I have been able to build my reading intervention skills and work toward my professional learning goal to understand the reading standards being presented to students as well as new methods of delivering effective instruction. As earlier stated, I have been providing LLI to a group of students for the past six months and have seen quite an improvement in their reading comprehension and fluency. The students on a whole have shown great improvements and have gained one to two reading levels over the past five months. Following Reading Running Record training, I have been able to formulate essential questions and activities that assist students in being able to dig deeper into their texts. Now armed with a new understanding of this skill, many of the students have been able to raise their reading levels and explore more complex texts. Last, following Professional Learning Community meetings I have been able to attack certain reading standards in a more direct and beneficial way. As a result, I have seen students embrace the lessons and show understanding of set goals. 

Scenario 2- 

There are still a few professional development courses I have not yet had an opportunity to take part in; one such course is Literacy Fest. It is my hope that Literacy Fest will allow me to add new best practice methods to my teaching instruction. i hope to gain more of an understanding of how to engage the students in new ways and allow them to independantly practice learned skills. In addition, I hope to be able to share what I have learned in previous professional developments in an effort to give as much as I get.