My Goal

My professiona goal for this year is to complete more training that will help me to understand the reading standards being presented to students as well as new methods of delivering effective instruction. 


Strategies to Reach My Goal

Attend Professional Learning Community Meetings PLCs- Professional Learning Community Meetings provide educators with opportunities to learn and share ideas with fellow educators. During this time, educators can bring resources they have used and had positive results with as well as plan ways of assisting students in interacting with lessons and standards. 

Attend Professional Development Courses- The School District of Palm Beach County is always offering courses and opportuities for eductors to grow their instructional knowledge. For example, every year the Palm Beach County offers a program call Literacy Fest. It is at this time educators can learn new and innovating ways of delivering effective literacy instruction. 

Unpack/Study the ELA Standards- In an effort to understand and better deliver intruction of the literacy standards, I will unpack and study the language of the standards. By unpacking the standards I can better understand what is required of the students in order to show mastery. 

Data Analysis- In an effort to meet professional development goals, students ELA data will be compiled and examined to determine the strengths and weaknesses of students. Areas of weakness will then be presented during PLCs so that a plan of action can be created.